13 Myths about family office

Following are a few popular misconceptions about our business:

  1. I don’t need a shrink – just a financial consultant
  2. Family offices should deal with wealth – not with capital issues within the family
  3. Family offices cost a bundle
  4. I can do everything a family office does – I just need to find the time
  5. My business isn’t anybody else’s business
  6. Family is sacred – there will never be disputes in our family
  7. Problems should be dealt with as they arise
  8. Its better to turn to independent experts when the need arises
  9. I work with people who have known me for years.
  10. My parents’ family office consultants are acting only in their interest
  11. Kids have no idea about the value of money
  12. I need a specialist – not a generalist
  13. A Family office will surely make an elephant out of my simple issue

To truly take advantage of what your family office has to offer, it is important to keep an open mind. We have many years of experience and might surprise you with the right dose of intuition into your issues and needs. Consider us a friend with broad transversal knowledge and experience (legal, financial, and personal) in the technical domain of the family, ready to share our advice to help resolve your problems.

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