Prisoner of your own money

While many would readily share the problem with you, money can be a serious burden and many wealthy individuals live a type of “wealth anxiety.” So how can you make money work for you and not find yourself slaving at keeping it and project it forward?

Many people of wealth, and often those who have inherited it, don’t know or want to be hassled by managing an estate. To those for whom money is a means and not an end, a vehicle can be set in place to help deal and manage it. But some level of understanding and personal concern is key. An instructed, knowledgeable and concerned person is the best person to set things in place for your family.

Feeling comfortable with your money and advisors that are tending to it is really a function of understanding and results. When you understand the strategies that are being discussed and set in place and when you start reaping the fruits of your own decision making – you can reach a comfort level that only comes through experience. The pressure you feel relative to the responsibility you carry for your family can only be released over time and this time is critical to setting any strategy or system in motion.

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