The way we work

We pride ourselves in not having any products or readymade programs off the shelf. At P. J. Weil Ltd. we first and foremost listen with a ‘beginners mind’ to the Family of Wealth. The multi-disciplinary team working at P. J. Weil Ltd. enables us to understand and analyse the real needs of the Family. Once the issue at hand is identified, we will work to find the best solution possible. Sometimes it is a simple one-time project that needs a small input from us, sometimes we will service you for decades and become your and your Family’s own Family Office.

P. J. Weil Ltd offers a 360 degree service for you and your family and will assist you with everything needed to achieve the goals set together.


This is why; our work begins with the family.

Getting to know the family, understanding its key interests and effectively analyzing its potential is at the heart of what we do.

We tailor solutions to your values and personal motivations with vigilance and reactivity to maximize your comfort and serenity. We like to think out-of-the-box contributing our skills and capabilities to creative problem solving. From defining strategy and planning through risk management, monitoring of investments, and creating legacies to the education of the next generation in fiscal responsibility and ethics, we steward your family’s interests.


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