Vacation Home

Congratulations; you have decided to buy yourself a vacation home in Israel, but how does one go about it? P. J. Weil Ltd. will help you to find a suitable home, to negotiate on your behalf at the purchase, to register the property, to organize renovations, manage your apartment, find a housekeeper and maintain your home away from home.

Accounting and Billing

You have a busy life and do not find the time to manage your private finances; we can take care of that for you. Checking your current account, mapping your expenses, checking your credit card, paying your bills, managing your staff, purchasing/selling your car, etc. ; all can be done by our Lifestyle service.


The purchase/sale, insurance, cataloging, lending and transportation of art collections can be very time consuming. Why not outsource that to your Family Office? we are helping a few families to handle their collection of Antiques and Art.

Special Occasions and Events

For Families that use our services for their Wealth issues we also offer to arrange the very special event or family retreat in Israel and all over the world with Hotel bookings, transportation arrangements and more.

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