We assist you and your family in establishing and managing your Charitable Giving and represent the family in the negotiations with the Charities of your choice in Israel and around the world.

P. J. Weil Ltd.’s own Israeli Charitable Foundation, the Rimon Foundation, is the perfect tool for your giving in Israel. Rimon can assist you as your representative with the Israeli organizations, follow your project from close and report back to you if the steps requested for your endowment are fulfilled.

Philanthropy is the perfect domain for the family to unite the generations and to establish the family’s legacy. Most probably the 1st and 2nd Generation of the family have treated Charity as a tax saving plan and as a ‘nice thing to have’. Many families give locally and sporadically and do not establish an actual multi-year philanthropy plan for the family.

We at P. J. Weil Ltd. see the Philanthropy as an important tool to establish the Family of Wealth  individual Legacy and purpose beyond the business world. Usually the 3rd Generation (they are already a number of cousins with a substantial age gap) loses the connection to the family ‘story’ and the business (or wealth) is managed by a few family members only.

The connection is lost. This is, where the family starts to fall apart.

To prevent this from happening we have the perfect remedy; establish a charitable foundation which has the Grandfather and the Cousins as Board Members and have them work out the Mission Statement, the Legacy and the distribution of the annual charitable giving of the Family. This will connect the 3rd Generation to the Family Legacy (Grandparent) and they learn to look at business plans, participating in a board meeting, get passionate about something, etc .



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