Wealth Management

The past few years have taught us that the conventional investments like Bonds, Stocks, Funds and even the (supposably) market-neutral Hedge Funds do not bring the expected results. The zero-interest environment, paired with the negative interest to hold cash  have created an Investment Opportunities Vacuum and has resulted in some irrational market phenomena that shifted markets without an actual economical fundamental justification.

The many geo-political changes and uncertainties, some overnight (elections) and others over a long time span (Brexit, Regime changes, Revolutions), do not contribute to the investment environment.

We are currently living in a very intensive period where change is the “new normal”; similar perhaps to the industrial revolution with the invention of the steam engine. Robotics, self-driving cars, the internet-of-things and migration are changing everything.

This demands to carefully think about the future in the macro-economic environment but also in the micro-cosmos of your Family. Many questions have to be asked and lots of reflections are needed.

We will facilitate this dialogue with you and your family to identify how to best make use of your resources and establish an investment policy that meets all the challenges.

We will assist you to implement and monitor the strategy by doing the Asset Allocation and selection of suitable Managers, Deals, Properties or Partnerships.

We invite you and your family to co-invest alongside other likeminded Families (as well as the Weil Family) as Limited Partners in Private Debt, Private Equity, Real Estate and Venture Capital Partnerships and Funds.

Philippe J. Weil has invested as Angel and Seed Investor in a few selected start-ups and Philippe and his team can offer some insight into the Start Up scene in Israel.

P. J. Weil Ltd. also offers Discretionary Portfolio Management in Collaboration with a few chosen Banks and Financial Institutions abroad and in Israel.


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