Your Family, your biggest Asset and your biggest concern. As a Family of Wealth you have many things to worry about. Some of them are external; economic development, taxes, politics, wars and health. Others are personal and particular to your family; divorces, jealousy, protectionism, addictions, injustice and unfairness. P. J. Weil Ltd. can help you with the external and internal issues and seek solutions and remedies. We are the ‘outside’ facilitator that gets to know the family very well over the years. This enables us to better understand and analyse the issue at hand and also very often prevents bad things from happening.   We organize and facilitate Family meetings and accompany the families in the process to establish proper communication and governance in the family. We are the objective outsider that does not take sides. The interest of the facilitation is not to achieve the goal of one particular side of the family, the goal is much more to establish a channel of communication and of clear representation of the entire family and to establish the rules and regulations that your particular family can follow and participate. Communication is the key to the legacy of the family and the continuation of the Family for the next generation. We also offer age appropriate financial education to the family members.  

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