PJ Weil

P.J.Weil Ltd is a Multi-Family Office Boutique with Offices in Tel Aviv, Israel and Zurich founded by its CEO Philippe J. Weil at the beginning of this millennium. The professional Team at P.J.Weil Ltd. and P.J.Weil Trust Ltd. ensure a holistic service that includes all the disciplines of a true Family Office. We deal with all the aspects of the financial capital of the family including:

  • Asset Management
  • Strategic Estate Planning
  • Trust services
  • Tax planning
  • Charity Consulting

Equally important to us is also to take care of the issues of the entire family and its individual members. The most important Asset you have is your family. We will provide the necessary tools and solutions to take care of what is really important to you. Our holistic services include:

  • Facilitation of Family Meetings
  • Creating Family Governance and Constitution
  • Set up of Family Offices and review (audit) of existing Family Offices and Trustees
  • Heir preparation
  • Legacy work
  • Educational Seminars and others
  • Concierge Services
  • Art and other Collectable Management

We pride ourselves to be a “one-stop-shop” and to be able, together with a wide range of professional collaborators and partners in Israel and all over the world, to provide solutions to all the needs and issues of a family of wealth. We are truly a 360 degree company.

This webpage is a good window into the thinking and the believes of our team and what we stand for.



Philippe J. Weil

Founder & CEO


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