Fiduciary and trust

Not every Family Member is familiar and comfortable with money, budgeting, taxes, banking, legal procedures and the administrative side of it. Some Families ask us to act as the one-stop address for their Family Members.

P. J. Weil Trust Ltd., Israel is our Trust Company. Thru this company we establish and run Trusts for Families.. Trusts are a very helpful tool to protect the Assets of the family as a whole or for particular members of the family. Trusts have been used since the days of Robin Hood and Richard the Lionheart.

In particular cases that you or your family do not want to appear at the initial negotiations of transactions or deals and P. J. Weil Ltd. Israel is chosen to be the Fiduciary or Nominee and act as the extended arm of the family. We have lead discussions with Tax Authorities (for pre-rulings), large Corporations (purchase/sale of properties) and Museums (in connection with Art collections) on behalf of Families of Wealth, which until the closing, remain anonymous.

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